A close-up depicts a figure of an effeminate man in a dress.

Impression: Sq. Enix

As a lover of adult men, dresses, and gentlemen in attire, you can imagine how enthusiastic I was to see Sq. Enix announce its collaboration with Perform Arts Kai on a determine celebrating Cloud Strife’s crossdressing experience in Last Fantasy VII Remake. And better but, it has absolutely nothing to do with all the NFT bullshit the Japanese company is receiving into these days.

The merch is primarily based on the Wall Sector portion of Remaining Fantasy VII Remake, the climax of which sees the game’s heroes infiltrate the mansion of nearby criminal offense lord Don Corneo. As the lecherous mafioso routinely rounds up youthful women of all ages to be his “brides” for the night time, Cloud have to doll himself up to breach the gang’s headquarters undetected and help you save his childhood pal Tifa Lockhart.

Cloud is presently extremely pretty, so it is generally a make a difference of discovering the suitable dress to match his seems to be. Trying to find out and satisfying a collection of aspect quests prior to subjecting Cloud and Aerith Gainsborough to Don Corneo’s perverted natural beauty contest results in the protagonists donning more and more additional extravagant outfits. The 2nd-finest (my own most loved) is employed for this new collectible.

A photo depicts a figure of an effeminate man in a dress.

Picture: Square Enix

The articulated figure is by no usually means low-priced at $194.99, but it seemingly will come with a stand as well as a independent experience and several unique arms so you can screen Cloud in distinctive poses. Square Enix also can take wonderful care to place out the “particular attention” compensated to “every fantastic element,” which include the makeup, pigtails, and ruffle textures and skirt folds of the dress.

I’m not a determine man by any means, but I have to admit, this does glimpse pleasant. Pre-orders open now with a prepared launch window of July 2023. If you are a completionist, you can also pre-buy figures of Aerith and Tifa in their personal dresses. Compared with the star-crossed lovers, having said that, it’s debatable if Sq. Enix chose the very best of Ms. Lockhart’s outfits, but that’s a discussion for yet another day.

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